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Diabetes Reversal and Diet

Diabetes Reversal and Diet

Diets play an important role in diseases, diets that are lacking essential nutrients will cause the body to degenerate prematurely overtime and lead to premature aging and death.

Enzymes provide vital roles in our bodies and without enzymes we could not survive. Enzymes are classified into two types, endogenous (originates in the body), and exogenous (originate outside the body). From this breakdown we have metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes, and food enzymes.

When we eat, the digestive enzymes go to work to help digest the food. If we consume enzyme rich foods, our body does not undergo unnecessary strain to digest the food. The problem with indigestion is we consume foods which are devoid of the proper nutrients such as overcooked foods or processed foods, and then we are forced to turn to the body enzyme resources for help. Overtime we can exhaust the enzyme resources in our body and the end result can be chronic illnesses and possible premature death.

Sadly most of us do not consume sufficient enzyme rich foods. Our diets should consist of 60% raw foods (such as raw vegetables etc.) and 40% processed or cooked foods. This simple formula will prevent us from overtaxing the body enzyme resources and help prevent developing chronic diseases such as Diabetes, allergies, heart disease, some types of cancer among others.

There is evidence from some current and ancient cultures that consuming raw foods lead to healthier lives. According to an article from "Miracle Enzyme Secrets": Generations of Eskimos that lived on diets rich in fat from both animals and plants in the unprocessed form did not develop many of the diseases that affect us today such as high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure among others. Also another study showed that the Masai tribe in Africa diet consisted of beef fat and milk in its raw form and autopsies showed no clogged arteries or heart disease.

Sadly today the aforementioned cultures have adopted western lifestyle and diets and have now developed the common diseases that afflict western society today.

Type 2 Diabetes is a digestive illness, simply put after we eat, the nutrients are in a struggle to get to the cells of the body and consequently result in too much sugar (glucose) in the blood stream. There are many debates of what causes type 2 diabetes, but at the heart of this disease is a tired pancreas which must work harder to produce sufficient insulin to move the glucose.

Eating sufficient enzyme rich foods, and also supplementing your diet with enzyme supplements, could overtime prevent developing type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes and also overtime reverse type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.

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