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Foods to Avoid If You Have Diabetes - Food Tips to Control Diabetes For Life

Foods to Avoid If You Have Diabetes - Food Tips to Control Diabetes For Life
By Bob D Williams

In diabetic patients, the mechanism that controls the blood sugar level works in an erroneous manner. Dietary care is an important issue under this context, the lack of which causes the blood sugar to reach unmanageable levels. The physician would give a clear indication as to what type of food a diabetic can eat and what he should avoid strictly. Those with a difficult-to-control blood sugar levels must exert the utmost care to adhere to a diabetic friendly diet.

Taking fruits and vegetables in moderate amounts are helpful to the body and supply the body with nutrients, minerals and dietary fibers. But some food items are known to aggravate the condition and need to be avoided at all cost.

Sweets and Cakes: In any form, these foods are not beneficial even for the healthy individuals. So in diabetics, a big no to such food items help maintain the blood sugar levels at the desired levels. Such foods are made by adding a lot of ingredients that are harmful to the diabetics and above all, it adds to the calories and results in rapid weight gain.

Fried Items: Fried items are, in general, not preferred by the calories conscious section of the society. In diabetics, the fried items rich in sodium, salt, saturated fats etc adversely affects the whole system. The majority of the diabetic patients also develop hypertension at a later time. Avoiding oily and fried foods reduce the risk to a certain extent.

Cream and Fats: Intake of creamy and fatty foods makes the situation uncontrollable for diabetics and also they are rich sources of fat. Butter, cheese, margarine etc comes under the category of cream and fats and never recommended for diabetic patients.

Foods having high glycemic index: Foods with a high glycemic index, needless to say, raise the blood sugar rapidly and it is highly recommended for the diabetic patients to avoid such food items as it is essential for them to maintain the blood sugar at the optimum levels.

Refined Foods: Refined and processed foods are notorious foods in that they add to extra calories and not good for the digestive system. A fiber rich food is ideal for the human digestive system. For the diabetics, it is better to abstain from the refined foods.

Meat and Dairy: Meat and dairy products are not recommended for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients are already at a risk for cardiac diseases. Meat and dairy products rich in saturated fats increases the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases at a fast pace. Red meat should be strictly avoided, but skinless chicken can be consumed at times.

Alcohol: The ill effects of alcohol are very many and it will be better if the diabetic patients withdraw themselves from such luring temptations and avoid alcoholic drinks altogether.

Beverages: Caffeinated drinks, soda and other types of beverages are also not good for the diabetics.

You Can control diabetes for life by limiting or avoiding these foods.

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