Thursday, June 19, 2008

Living With Diabetes For Kids Young and Old

Living With Diabetes For Kids Young and Old
By Edwin Buckley

For those who become Diabetic at a young age, they want to and should be able to do just about everything their age group is doing. Overall, they can. Still, there are things they have to watch that other children their age do not have to worry about. For instance, going to parties and eating the same things the other kids are having. At a very young age, there is less of a problem. When they go to a party, you can have the hosting parent keep an eye out. You can make sure there are special treats for special kids. Unfortunately, kids do not stay those cute little things we think about when we think of our kids.

By the time they get to their teens, kids are out asserting their independence and experimenting with this, that, and the next thing. The only hope you have in life is that they have learned a few lessons along the way, and will use common sense.

Along comes college, and there is a whole new world of "real" independence to think about. Now, there is true experimenting going on, and it has nothing to do with Chemistry 101. Again, the only hope you have in life is that they have learned a few lessons along the way and will use common sense.

Now that we have clearly established "common sense" into the picture, think back to when you were a teen in high school, or were setting off to college. Was there a whole lot of common sense anywhere in the picture? Uh, huh.

There seems to be an epidemic of Type 2 these days. Basically, it is because we do not exercise enough, and we eat more than enough. We're older and wiser, right? Well, let me put it this way, when it comes to common sense, plenty of us seemed to have forgotten where we placed it. For instance, I worked with a lady who happened to be in her 50's. She was diagnosed with Diabetes in her 40's. In other words, she had Diabetes for about 10 years.

Her sight was going, and her circulation was terrible. About the only thing she did not have trouble with was getting to the head of the line when the sweet things were being doled at out office parties. She even had a candy jar on her desk, but that was just to share, mind you. You could literally hit this woman over the head with a rock solid chocolate bat, and you were not going to dislodge that sweet tooth from her head.

Kids are going to be kids, and old dogs are going to be old dogs. Both need our support. Remember, though, support comes in many different forms. It can be a hug, or it can be a kick in the fanny

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